Sunday, November 11, 2007

"A snail walks into a bar..."

The vegetables are thriving, and so are the pests!
To naturally help ward off pests and attract predators we planted amongst the vegetables some chamomile, lavender and heaps of marigold. Initially we had eight lettuce seedlings, suddenly two were gone. Our garden gatecrashers were starting to attack, we had to take more action!

Keeping our patch totally organic we decided to install a few beer traps, to lure those snails and slugs. We recycled old take-away food containers, dug them into the ground and filled them with beer. We clean out our traps every day or so and refill them with the leftover dregs from all the beer that is consumed in our house. Hey -we can't waste the good beer!!!

We feel a little guilty about getting snails so drunk they die (we hope they're 18+?)

Our 1st victim, R.I.P.

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