Sunday, November 25, 2007

East Coast VS West Coast

The East Coast VS West Coast rivalry is not just limited to the US rap scene, it is also proving an issue in our garden too!

The west side is thriving, leaving the east far behind! We predicted the cucumbers to grow the fastest, whilst the ones in the pots are fantastic, the ones we planted in the east side of the patch are really slow to take off! So too are the capsicums and chillis.

The potatoes seem to be doing really well, although they make us nervous...if only we could see what was going on under the soil! Our apprehension probably stems from the fact we only recently learnt about the Potato Famine...

The Great Irish Famine or The Great Hunger (An Gorta Mór or An Drochshaol in Irish) reduced the population of Ireland by 20 to 25 percent between 1845 and 1852. The proximate cause of the famine was a pathogenic water mold, Phytophthora infestans, commonly known as potato blight. Though P. infestans ravaged potato crops throughout Europe during the 1840s, its human cost in Ireland was exacerbated by a host of political, social, economic, and climatological factors which remain the subjects of heated historical debate.
The famine was a watershed in the history of Ireland. Its effects extended well beyond its immediate demographic impact and permanently changed the island's political and cultural landscape. For both the native Irish and those in the resulting diaspora, the famine entered folk memory and became a rallying point for various nationalist movemnets. Virtually all modern historians of Ireland regard it as a dividing line in the Irish historical narrative, referring to the preceding period of Irish history as "pre-Famine."


This is the pontiac potato seed we planted, having never seen one before we were intrigued by the U.F.O shaped bulbs.

Below is a current aerial view of our garden, we are amazed and proud that in just a few weeks our garden is now looking like a real veggie patch!


Liz said...

I think the problem that's causing the east side and west side rivalry could be the amount of time the sun spends on each side.

Think you could word up the sun to give more loving to your east side?

Lily said...

Holy crap, your veggie garden looks brilliant! Can't wait to see the yumminess that comes out of it.

Alanna said...
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Alanna said...

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