Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bill Hicks says "pot should be mandatory!"

To feed our addiction further, we decided to experiment with pots and baskets. There was some great sunlight out the front so we are utilising this energy food source.

Here are the cucumbers we hope to grow up the lattice (we had two spare seedlings so potted them in a pot...fingers crossed they work!)

...And two weeks later, they are thriving!

The cucumbers are doing much better in the pots than the patch, however the same cannot be said for the lettuce. In the patch they are huge, since we added our beer traps, the snails are not eating them and they are rockin'...but still small in the baskets! We are thinking maybe the lettuce is too cramped for the baskets, we should move two and let them take off!...

The strawberries and basil are doing much better in pots too!

We also have three baskets of oregano, three pots of parsley and one pot each of thyme and rosemary. Our experiment with pots is working amazingly, we simply used a good quality potting mix, and positioned in a sunny location. No wonder Bill Hicks (comedian) says "pot should be mandatory" this what he means?

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