Saturday, November 10, 2007


No 'before' photos -DAMN!
Our garden was overgrown about (gasp!) 1 metre! Our beautiful fig tree at the rear was barely visible.
And so it began...weeding, digging, raking, aching...and finally a bare allotment of healthy soil. We decided to add some extra love, we laid down a good mix of mushroom compost, cow and chicken manure.

Waiting four or so weeks for our newly composted soil to chill-out before planting proved impossible. We filled the time by adding a new compost bin and laying our path for easier access.

Too excited to wait we planted some seeds in polystyrene boxes, not much luck so far with those. The Roma tomatoes and basil are growing well but the capsicums and lettuces have done nothing. Next year we will use proper seed raising equipment, we are determined for a better result!

Whether it be a lack of knowledge or possibly patience, we thought stuff the seeds -lets buy seedlings. Shopping for seedlings we were like kids in a candy store, wanting everything!

We bought; corn, tomatoes, potato, Lebanese cucumber, capsicum, chili, spinach, rocket, lettuce, Spanish and spring onions, strawberries and a whole bunch of herbs; sage, basil, parsley, oregano and thyme.

Our seedling adventure took all day, possibly a few too many drinks in the process but by sunset, our babies were finally in the ground and after a good watering were getting cosy in their new homes.

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Liz said...

I love the fact that the mannequin features in your new garden